On the inside, Wolt consists of urban and environmentally-conscious people. Like you, we care about having a net positive impact on the world around us. Here is some examples of our responsibility initiatives.

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Customers: Safe through Covid-19, ecological options...

  • Stay safe: At times of Covid-19, we help you stay home through offering 100% contactless food and grocery delivery.
  • Support your local: Through Wolt, you can support local independent restaurants and help the hard-working couriers in our cities to make a living.
  • Animal and eco-friendly options: Through our restaurant selection, you can go vegan every day. Or only choose venues that offer ecological packaging (look for these in the carousels in the app's Discovery view).
  • CO2-neutral deliveries: For every Wolt order you make � or have ever made � the delivery's carbon-dioxide emissions are 100 % compensated (also for bike deliveries!).

Couriers: Access to flexible earnings

  • Through Wolt, our more than a hundred thousand courier partners can work when and where they want without tight educational or language-skill requirements. That's our key impact on the labour market: accessible and flexible earnings � for anyone.
  • During times of Covid-19, it's essential to stay home when sick. Wolt's Partner Support Program offers financial assistance to every courier who is diagnosed with Covid-19 or put in enforced quarantine.
  • As a company with Nordic roots, Wolt aims to be world #1 in offering fair platform work where flexibility meets safety nets and satisfied workers. We've rolled out free accident insurance to our courier partners in select markets, and are working to include more. Our app and gear are top-of-class, and we currently score 4.0/5 on the couriers' satisfaction with Wolt and 3.9/5 on their satisfaction with earnings through us (N=4,465 couriers across 23 Wolt countries).
  • Wolt wants to work with policymakers to ensure that the flexibility of platform work is paired with safety nets. We've outlined our proposals on what kind of a policy approach is needed and it is open for anyone to read: Please click this link to download the "flexible and fair platform work" as a pdf.

Is Wolt big enough to have any actual impact? Yes.


Amount of money we've paid out to our courier and restaurant partners.


Number of dishes we've helped bring to people's homes.


Number of carbon-neutral Wolt deliveries made


Number of people working at Wolt's different offices in 23 countries.